3 Ways to Distribute Magnets

Some of the largest companies in the world spend millions of dollars a year on advertising to reach their target market and expand into new areas. Examples include television spots during prime time or online marketing campaigns to further expand their reach. You might not have such a marketing budget at your disposal but there are other cost effective tools you can leverage in your business.

One of these is with promotional magnets.

Custom magnets are both affordable and highly effective, giving them incredible value for money. Customers can stick your magnets on their fridge or around the house to post up notes. This keeps your brand name prominently displayed.

Prospects know who to contact once they are ready to buy. Here we look at three effective ideas on getting the most value from your promotional magnets.

1.Put Magnets Inside Packages

If your business regularly mails goods to customers, this is a perfect opportunity to include one of your promotional magnets in the package. Most customers will certainly appreciate the freebie. You can even make the magnet useful by featuring a small calendar or a notepad.

Whenever your previous customers need to contact you, they won’t have to search online as your business details will be right on the magnet. Compare this to business cards or flyers that tend to be misplaced or discarded.

2.Pass Them Out at Trade Shows or Events

Have an upcoming trade show or local event?

Magnets are fun promotional items you can pass out to potential prospects interested in learning more. Of course, you should also have brochures ready as it’s simply not possible to fit in everything about your company in a single magnet. Be sure to invest in a full colour design to make it even more appealing.

3.Offer Them to Loyal Customers

Magnets can be customised to any design. Some of the most popular designs include simple business cards, calendars, and notepads. But one idea is to pass out magnets that have a special coupon code that loyal customers can use to get a discount.

You can then make these magnets as special items. Customers can only earn them through spending a certain amount or being with your company for a period of time.

These are only some ideas you can use to attract more customers to your business. Promotional magnets can be used in a whole range of ways and can be supplied in virtually any size, shape, and quantity. Just remember that space is at a premium so really spend some time with your design.

Are you looking to have magnets designed and printed for your business?

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