4 Unique Ways to Make Your Business Card Stand Out from the Crowd

Whether you are in the process of building your brand or aiming to enhance your business’s image, well-designed business cards are a must.

Business cards are a crafty tool that can serve to help your brand stand out amongst your competition – but only if they are done right. Business cards provide essential information to your professional contacts and prospective clients, such as your contact information.

But more than that, they may be the first impression someone has of your business. Putting in the effort to create professional printed cards for your Perth business makes it appear more legitimate by relaying a sense of professionalism, as well as adequate preparation for extending a physical representation of your brand as needed.

However, not all business cards are made equal and capable of providing the ‘POP!’ that is needed to truly impress your audience. At Greenlea Print, we know that the design and printing process of business cards is a craft.

There are several considerations you can keep in mind to ensure that you are creating professional cards that will be effective in making your brand stand out from the crowd.


Check out our tips for unique professional business card printing below.

  1. Focus on Effective Design Principles

 Creating an attractive, professional design for your business may seem rather simple but there actually is an art to it. Some design principles are more effective than others and can have a large impact on how your business cards are received.

Effective design principles to consider include:

  • Clear and legible font (remember this when/if working with different colours)
  • Prioritising your business title or logo as the largest and most impactful element on your card
  • Make sure your key copy is kept at least 5 milimetres from each edge, as not doing so can make the text appear crammed.
  • Choose just 1-3 colours to work with for your cards
  1. Add Special Finishes

As an additional yet professional way to dazzle, adding special finishing touches to your business cards can certainly help to make them stand out. These can include embossing, utilising thermography to create raised print, and getting a spot UV coating.

Simply ensuring that your cards are printed on quality paper stock can be important, too, if paper stock is indeed the material you choose to go with for your cards. This consideration leads us to….

  1. Play Around With Different Materials

If you really want to make a unique impression, consider out-of-the-box materials to amp up the creativity of your cards. While paper stock may be the norm, there may also be an opportunity to use other materials such as wood, transparent plastic, or metal. Choose a material that will be most relevant to the products or services offered through your business and best represent your desired professional image.

  1. Go For Simplicity That Can Make An Impact

 Don’t be afraid to keep it simple. In fact, keeping it simple can often be more impactful. Just because your cards feature a simple design doesn’t mean they can’t leave a unique impression. Trying to cram every detail about your business onto your business cards or using too many colours can be off-putting to the eye, and it is unnecessary. The most essential information to have on your business cards is the title, logo, business address, website, and phone and fax numbers.

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