5 Ways Stickers Have Changed the Marketing Game

Stickers have been used for years in various industries to build brands, advertise products, help politicians get elected, and start conversations. Stickers are simply just a great way to get exposure through a simple tactic. Although it is a great strategy and has been used for years, it’s a marketing technique that many companies do not take advantage of and do not see the power stickers have. Here are 5 ways that stickers have changed the marketing game and can be utilized by companies.

1. Strategic Sticking

For many years, stickers have been viewed as just advertisements or witty sayings that you slap onto the back of your car. Those days of bumper stickers are coming to a close. No more rectangular stickers that are big and colourful. Now are the days of promotional stickers that come in all sizes and shapes. They can be put anywhere: phones, signs, equipment, laptops, water bottle, anywhere! You just have to be strategic about it.

When stickers are placed in the correct place, they work by word-of-mouth. Like stickers, word-of-mouth as a marketing strategy has come to seem old school, but it works great when paired with stickers. It works like this: people see your sticker and ask where you got it from. From there, they get the same sticker, and the cycle continues on.

People trust word-of-mouth recommendations. Stickers are one of the best ways to encourage as well as amplify the word-of-mouth method and can be used to majorly upgrade your company’s marketing game.

2. Old School Social Media Meets New School Social Media

Stickers are a way of promotion that is used offline and can be seen as the offline form of broadcasting and social media. People were pinning, tagging, liking, posting, and starting conversations with the use of stickers way before the internet was conceptualized. When they’re designed and distributed correctly, stickers can give your brand exposure at a low cost, create word-of-mouth marketing, and enhance the overall impression your business makes. These are the same methods that people use social media nowadays to promote their products. Without stickers, marketing wouldn’t be where it is now, and it can still be used in conjunction with today’s technological inventions.

3. Not Viewed as Advertising

Advertising and marketing shifted over the years to models that are more focused on permission and connection. Advertising strategies that are lost in the pile of other pitches are not as efficient and are no longer cost-effective for businesses, especially small ones. Stickers changed the way of marketing due to the fact that when they are placed on display they are not seen as an advertisement at all. People see them as badges of support for specific brands or messages; they see it as a personal endorsement for an organization or product.

It doesn’t matter if promotional stickers are placed in a public space. They are still very cost-effective. They can be mailed or handed out and still be perceived as better quality than other means of promotion, such as flyers, brochures, and business cards. Because they are seen as self-endorsed promotional products, they can easily be sent out as fun gifts rather than advertising.

4. Mixes Marketing Efforts and Compliments Them

Besides increase increasing exposure and helping with branding, stickers have been used to strengthen and enhance other marketing programs. When a company gives stickers out for free, they can leverage it to get addresses. Besides having a cool design on the front, you can place valuable information or other promotions on the back of the sticker. Stickers can also be used to create awareness and strengthen the delivery of a specific message. When paired with campaigns, they can reduce the costs while increasing the distribution and impressions. The possibilities have become endless thanks to the use of stickers!

5. A Profitable Product

When they are done right, promotional stickers can become products that are profitable. You can use them to display a brand name, an image, a slogan, or a logo. You don’t need to be a band or a popular phrase company to have successful stickers. If you have a unique angle for a specific market and fans to back it up, you can create a sticker that has a perceived value that interests people and makes them want to show it off. You just need to be sure that the sticker appeals to your target audience and meets their personal preferences. It’s not just about your branding and marketing needs.

Marketing is all about relationships, and without stickers those relationships wouldn’t be where they are today. Stickers can still be used in a number of techniques to help you strengthen the bond between your business and its customers. It’s important to keep in mind that stickers are like any other form of advertising and marketing. They need proper planning paired with precise execution to maximize the effectiveness of your results. Those living in Australia can get help with the sticker strategies. Our team at Greenlea Print can assist in the planning and execution of your sticker marketing strategy. We utilise the latest digital printing technology to ensure that you’re getting the best quality out there.