Bleed and Trim Marks

Before you submit an order for printing, it is important to know the meaning of bleed and trim marks.

Many businesses choose to design their own artwork. However, one of the most common mistakes is forgetting to include a bleed on business images before handing them over to a printer. This can cost both time and money, as the professional printer will have to redo the images or wait for your business to send over a new copy.

Bleed Marks

A bleed is required on any printing job that has images or colours which run to the edge of a page. A bleed needs to be added to any coloured image so the colour extends 2mm to 3mm beyond the trim marks. Most professional digital printing jobs like banners, brochures, and business cards are printed to the edge of the material and require a bleed.

Images or colours should overlap the edge of the page. Otherwise, the trim will be uneven, or white borders will appear when your image is trimmed into the correct size and shape. Don’t make the mistake of assuming your colours only need to run to the edge of the page.

Digital print companies can design your images with the correct bleed and trim marks. They will also ensure that your image is the correct size. It is a good idea to check with your printer to see if they have any particular requirements before submitting your design.

Trim Marks

The trim marks are the marks on the artwork that indicate the final size of the business card or the sticker or whatever is being printed. Trim marks show the professional printing company where to trim the paper so the images and colours bleed properly instead of showing up with white edges.

We recommend not placing critical objects within 5mm of any trim line. Non critical images and colour may be placed to bleed beyond this and the trim line.

If you are unaccustomed to working with digital printers, it is better to simply indicate the finished size of your image. As long as your artwork has the proper bleed, it will be clear to the printing company where the trim marks should go.

Digital Printing Services

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