Brochures Boost Business

Many businesses wrongly believe there is no need for paper advertisements in today’s digital age.

Today, we’ll be talking about how having a brochure can still help you stand out from the competition even if you get the idea they’re a little dated.

In addition to maintaining a helpful and active presence on social media, having a responsive website and conducting a full digital marketing mix, including offline elements in your advertising strategies is just as valuable today as it ever was.

Though laptops, tablets and phones are the dominant presence in today’s marketing and advertising world, there is still plenty of open space needing to be filled. This hole can be neatly plugged with brochures.

There’s a good reason brochures have stood the test of time, even as many other forms of print have gone out of style. One great thing about brochures is that they can bridge the gap between paper and technology since brochures can also be used in PDF form online. This versatility gives you two methods of advertising your business and services for the price of one.

Brochures are relevant because they give a current or potential customer vital information about what your business can do for them. Brochures ensure that your business remains uppermost in the minds of anyone who might want your services.

When using this method, you need to be careful, however. The last thing you want to do is waste your precious advertising budget on scraps of rubbish.

Here are some simple pointers to consider when using brochures as part of your advertising and marketing strategy:

Make sure your brochures can help you reach new customers

Brochures offer a first impression of your business, so make that impression count

Business cards and brochures allow you to establish a trustworthy presence in your local community

When networking at trade shows and other events, brochures are a rock-solid choice

Using brochures can increase the visibility of your business if you use them effectively

When you need positive press, take care of it yourself with brochures

You need to make sure your brochure has a robust, clean layout and text designed to draw in customers. Break things up into short sentences and make your message snappy and on-point. Use powerful images, but don’t get cheesy.

These are some simple initial directives, but it’s time to dig a bit deeper.

Let’s take a further look into some more direct benefits of brochures, and why you should use them to increase the visibility of your business.

Brochures: An Introduction to Your Business and Team

When a customer picks up or is given your brochure, they are introduced to your business. Your brochure design is incredibly important to drive your message into the customer’s mind.

The cover of your brochure needs to draw your customers in without being overly informative. Give some quick, simple information without overloading them. Whatever your business is, your customer needs to know that they can’t do without your services, so what can you put on the cover of your brochure to catch a customer’s attention and get them to open it for more information? They don’t need all the information from the start, just enough to whet their appetite.

On the inside of your brochure, you can give more information, but you need to be careful about going overboard. Instead of providing a lifelong history of your company in a massive wall of copy, give some bulleted highlights. Rather than detailing each service you offer, highlight the ones that are the most popular and sought after. If your customer opens the brochure and finds that they are about to read a novel, the chances are that they will not read far, no matter how necessary your services are to them.

Use bolded headers. Your brochure should be structured in a way that your customer can get the main ideas without having to read the entire thing. Paper forms of advertisement are still necessary, but people are busy and need quick and useful information that they can use.

Another option is to add in plenty of visuals. Again, be careful not to overload your customers with unnecessary information, but a few visual examples of your products or services can go a long way in cementing your business in your customer’s mind. Maps, graphs and tables can be useful as well provided they are giving information your customer needs to know and not just filling empty space.

When introducing your team to your customers, they likely don’t need to know every single member. It’s not that your secretaries and quality assurance employees and housekeepers aren’t valuable members of the team, but your customer only needs to know the names and faces of the people they will be interacting with most frequently. Be sure to include lead salespeople or service providers and a very brief biography for them.

One other significant bit of information that is sometimes overlooked is comprehensive contact information. Sure, anyone can get on the Internet and search for your business these days but making sure that all the information is in one easy-to-find spot makes your customer’s life easier. Be sure to include your telephone number, location, logo, website and social media account information.

If you deem it necessary for the service and products provided by your business, be sure to include your hours of operation, a short list of prices and any ongoing specials that would serve your customer’s best interest.

Your brochure is often the first interaction a customer has with your business, and it needs to leave a lasting and valuable impression if you don’t want to squander your advertising budget.

Brochures: Distribution and Visibility

When it comes to getting your brochures out there and into the hands of potential customers, there are a few things you can do.

Give them out by hand. The most straightforward way to distribute your brochures is the old-fashioned way of physically handing them out. Keep some pamphlets on you, and you’ll always have information at the ready whenever a prospective customer needs it.

Brochures are useful to have when you’re at networking events or vendor fairs. People will want to know more about what your business has to offer and handing out your brochures is a great icebreaker.

When you give your brochures to customers and talk about your business, you are making sure your face is associated with your services and products. This personal touch is likely to leave a mark on customers, and when a situation arises in which they need what you have to offer, they’ll remember you and your brochures so think about the long game. Brochures are a gift that can keep on giving.

Business Centres. Many business centres are perfectly happy to include your brochure in the selection they offer to people who pass through. Find the person in charge and see if this is an acceptable option. If so, be sure to leave some. Make sure your brochures stand out from the rest, so yours have a greater chance of being picked up.

Presentation Folders and Packages. Many businesses prepare presentation folders for prospective clients. If your company does this, be sure to add your brochures to the folders you give your new customers. This will provide them with an incisive snapshot of your products and services they can refer to whenever required.

When you send packages to customers, be sure to pop some brochures inside. Word of mouth is still a fantastic method of marketing. Your customers will have something they can hand to their family and friends with more information about what you have to offer, and this will spread your business information even further.

Your Brochures, Your Positive Message

With many methods of marketing, it can be difficult to control the message that is given to your customers. Sure, you have plenty of control over your digital marketing platforms, your social media and your websites, but they all have weak points.

When using brochures for your business, you can easily put forth a positive message about your products and services. You can give a bit of information about why you do what you do and offer customers a personalised look inside your business.

Including the goals and objectives of your business can give your customer a glimpse into your way of doing things. When customers can look inside, no matter how small, they realize you trust them with information. This can help to build an ongoing relationship with your customers.

Showing you are a legitimate business with reliable credentials and one that uses effective strategies will show potential customers you are serious and experienced. Because of this alone, they are more likely to do business with you.

Boost With Brochures

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