Designing Professional Business Cards

New businesses often have many questions about what information to include on their business cards. First and foremost, it’s important to print business cards that speak to your business. Anyone can create a simple business card using a logo and a few points of information. However, these cards have nothing to do with your brand and are easily forgotten.

Aim to design cards that are unforgettable. Think about the most impressive business cards that have been handed to you over the years. What made those cards so special? Was it a hint of gold around the card edges? Perhaps the unique layout or design of the card struck your fancy.

Business Card Designs

Business cards that use an online template look and feel generic. They might have all the right information, but they give the impression that there is nothing special or unique about your business. Design your own cards for a lasting impression.

Professional graphic designers can give you advice on the right font, layout, colours, and information to include on your card. They can also suggest additional features like rounded corners, lamination, or silver embossing.

Digital printers often have graphic designers on staff to provide advice. Whether you are designing your own card or seeking professional design skills, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  1. Include the Right Information: Certain information is necessary on all business cards. Prominent information should include the name of your business, your logo, your name, URL, email, contact number(s), social media accounts, and perhaps a scannable QR code on the back to let people readily access your website.
  2. Print Both Sides: Many companies ask if it is necessary to print two sides on their business cards. The answer is yes. Think about what you do when you are handed a business card. Do you stop at the information on the front or do you instinctively flip it over? Most people flip the card out of curiosity, and you want to keep their interest on both sides. The only exception is for businesses which wish to write dates, prices, or other time-sensitive information on the back of their card.
  3. Choose the Right Font: Pick a font that is easy to read. Most people will only look at a card for a matter of seconds, so it’s important that they can quickly glean all the information they need.
  4. Select Memorable Corners: Business cards can have square or round corners. They can also be laminated for extra protection.
  5. Add a Splash of Gold: Cards can also have spot gold or silver added for a unique and special touch. They can even be embossed or trimmed to a special size.

Business Card Printing in Perth

At Greenlea Print, we specialise in printing business cards for new businesses and startups. We have more than 30 years of printing experience, including personalised business card design. Contact us today for a free quote on our business card printing and design services.