Direct Marketing Projects : Flyers & Brochure Printing

How to Tackle Your First Direct Marketing Project

Unlike digital marketing which uses online channels, direct marketing involves the distribution of physical marketing materials to consumers, such as brochures, flyers and poster printing in Perth. Direct marketing is widely used and offers numerous benefits, for example, removing the ‘middle man’ by communicating directly with consumers and delivering targeted promotions with minimal resources – this can make it very cost-effective – along with its measurability in terms of response.

There are many challenges presented to the first-time direct marketer which means you need to employ careful planning and analysis on your first direct marketing project. And you need access to a printing provider like Greenlea Print to provide you with professional flyer printing services in Perth. In this short article, we offer some helpful tips on how to tackle your first direct marketing project.

Work Within Marketing Laws and Ethics

Direct marketers must always operate in line with the relevant laws and legislations. The Australian Direct Marketing Association’s code of practice and best practice guidelines are the best sources of information on how to conduct responsible direct marketing campaigns that don’t breach any laws.  The better you understand the laws, the less chance there is of your business incurring penalties.

Consider Waste Implications

It’s important to consider waste as an issue regarding the environmental implications but also concerning the cost-effectiveness of the campaign. This is one reason why planning and analysis are central to successful direct marketing, as you need a favourable distribution to response ratio if the campaign is to be considered successful.

Successful direct marketing campaigns generally involve continually testing and refining marketing materials, distribution frequencies and other factors to get the right mix. Here are three ways to reduce waste and increase cost-effectiveness with your first direct marketing project:

  • Analyse the response you receive focusing on location and other factors and act accordingly
  • Design direct marketing materials to convey required information using minimal materials
  • Plan your direct marketing project in conjunction with other marketing channels, e.g. digital

We can help you design and plan the materials for your campaign to maximise their effectiveness. And as we offer options like gloss or matt paper brochures, single sheet flyers and one or two-sided business card printing for Perth clients, you’re presented with many ways to make your direct marketing materials more cost-effective.

Brief Sales Teams

It’s also important that sales teams have been briefed about the promotions in the direct marketing project so that they’re ready to respond to enquiries. When you arrange brochure printing in Perth with Greenlea Print and distribute those brochures in a targeted area, you’re driving enquiries to your preferred contact method – usually phone, but also website and email – so it’s crucial that the staff responsible for sales and responding to enquiries are prepared for this customer contact.

Offering a full range of print and design services, working with Greenlea Print on your first direct marketing campaign enables you to create a wide range of professional direct marketing materials that deliver results which are cost-effective, measurable, drive enquiries to your preferred contact method and increase sales. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.