What do Famous People’s Business Cards Say About Them?

When it comes to getting business card inspiration, it makes sense to look at the cards of the rich and famous. After all, these are people at the top of their game, and their business cards are the kind that people want to receive. If you are having business cards made for your own use, then it helps to get inspiration from others, and it’s important that yours makes the right impression. Here’s what celebrity business cards look like, and what it says about them.


Donald Trump

Before Donald Trump was in the White House, he ran the Trump Organisation, which owned everything from skyscrapers to hotels. With his ink signature as a header, and a gold embossed logo, his card screams luxury and suggests he wanted to make a bold impression on the recipient. After all, he’s a larger than life personality.



Albert Einstein

Einstein’s business card is simple, clean, and clear, which suits the great man’s personality. Despite inventing two of the main pillars of modern physics, he lived in a humble home, and worked in a small, cluttered office, so his business card reflects his attitude. As Einstein once said: “A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.”


Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs led teams that invented many of the things we use in day to day life, and his achievements include:

  • Creating different fonts for computers
  • Perfecting the computer mouse
  • Helping create iPhones, iPads, and other popular Apple products

However, if you look at his business card from his time working as president of NeXT, Inc., he may not stand out much from a crowd of executives. With a small logo, and basic information such as the address and phone number, it’s hard to even tell what business he’s in. However, if you own a Steve Jobs business card, keep hold of it. A set of three of his cards recently sold for $10,000 in America.



Andy Warhol

Like everything in Andy Warhol’s life, his business card was bright and creative. With a handwritten font in blue and green tones, this beautiful business card shows that Warhol’s artistic talent reached all areas of his life. Those who work in creative industries could take inspiration from this simple yet effective card.


Saul Bass

Unless you’re a graphic designer, you might not have heard of Saul Bass, but you’ve no doubt seen some of his work on the big screen, such as the title sequences to Casino, Psycho, or Anatomy of a Murder. If you’re not a film buff, then you may have seen his work in corporate logos, from AT&T to Quaker Oats. His business card does a great job of showing his personal style; simple, sleek, and memorable, without being too obvious about it.


Harry Houdini

Who said business cards should be rectangular? Houdini thought outside the box when it came to his business card, with the escapologist opting for a triangular design. Doubling as invites for his shows, the card features the slogan ‘The Man from Beyond’, which sums up his unique talents.




Walt Disney

Before Walt Disney grew his animated empire, he was a struggling cartoonist. His business card from 1921 shows a self-portrait of Disney at his easel scribbling away, which showed off his talents to any business card recipients.







Arnold Schwarzenegger

With a classy gold seal and simple font, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s business card from his days as governor of California has an elegant look. In contrast to his over the top personality, his business card is simple, and suited his political career where he would have met important people from around the globe.




Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov’s business card describes himself as a ‘natural resource’, showing this science fiction writer and professor’s dry sense of humour. Like Einstein, he was a genius who lived a simple, modest life, and his business card simply states his slogan, address, and phone number. If you wanted to find out more about the man, you’d have to refer to one of the 500 books he wrote or edited in his time.


Mark Zuckerberg

Anyone who has seen the movie The Social Network, will know that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is rumoured to have a rather blunt personality. His business card famously states ‘I’m CEO, B*tch’, and simply features the Facebook logo, plus the address and phone number of their corporate office. Strangely, it includes their fax number, but doesn’t suggest the recipient goes to Facebook.com. However, the card must have had some effect, since Zuckerberg is now worth over $70 billion USD.



Bill Gates

Perhaps the original tech billionaire, Bill Gates has had a number of business cards over the years. In the early 80s, his card was a retro orange and yellow affair, with the address of Microsoft’s headquarters in Albuquerque. This card perhaps reflects the creativity of the early tech industry. His more recent cards are clean and basic, showing the familiar Microsoft logo and his signature.



Creators of movies from Toy Story to Inside Out, Pixar has got to be one of the most fun companies to work for on the planet. Their staff business cards reflect this, changing the I in Pixar to a variety of the characters we recognise from the film. After all, if you’re an animation studio, you should show off some of the examples of your work.


Evan Williams

As co-founder of Twitter, Evan William’s business card is all about the platform. One side features the iconic bird logo, while the other has his name, job title, and Twitter handle. There’s no address or phone number, but why would you need it? Williams proves that less is more when it comes to business cards.

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