Food Barcodes That Work

A barcode enables scanners to identify information about a particular product as it moves across the supply chain. Food packets imported into Australia often have a barcode incorporated into the packaging. However, these barcodes may not work in Australia or do not comply with Australian standards.

GS1 Australia

GS1 Australia is part of the GS1 organisation that authorises barcode numbers. Registration with GS1 Australia is required to be issued GS1 barcode numbers. A unique barcode will be assigned and registered to your business.

Major retailers require suppliers to have their own GS1 barcode to track inventory and sales. With a registered barcode, your products will be ready for sale locally and globally. Keep in mind that different industries typically have specific requirements in terms of barcode labeling.

If you plan to sell products in a retail products, you should register them with GS1.

Keeping Better Inventory

Barcodes have become a necessary component for inventory management and operational efficiency. Having the wrong information can be costly which is why tracking systems are a must. Printing a label with a barcode allows you to easily scan it instead of taking physical inventory.

Using labels to track inventory is highly beneficial especially if your product line is diverse. Labels eliminate the need to keep track of inventory manually which often results in human error.

Barcode labeling can help to improve operation efficiency and reduce costs.

Local Australian printers are able to supply a wide range of barcode labels that are suitable for the Australian market. Wholesalers and importers need to consider various options available on barcode stickers including their readability, barcode type, height, and width of the label.

An experienced barcode label printer can provide support and guidance regarding barcode label requirements for the local market and supply the final printed stickers. The barcode may also be incorporated on the same label as nutritional information which is also required for any food sold in Australia.

Label Printing Services

Greenlea Print offers services for high quality printed labels suitable for food products. Printing is available for small or large quantities with a full range of configurations available. We offer fast turnaround service and can include your company logo at no extra charge.

Contact us today to request a quote and we will be happy to help. Prices for one colour print and full colour print labels include free delivery and artwork support.