How Ad Banners Increase Business

Companies have a number of choices available to promote their products or services.

From handing out flyers to buying a page in the local newspaper or holding an event, there is no shortage of advertising options. But one that continues to remain popular is banner advertising. Compared to other forms of marketing, it’s one of the most versatile and inexpensive ways to bring in more sales.

There is a huge range of banners available to promote your business, event or cause. Banners offer great value for money as they can be used over and over again. All come in a variety of sizes and types including pull-up banners, outdoor vinyl banners, fabric banners, and even flags.

But just having a banner isn’t enough to make an impression. To get better results and push your marketing efforts forward, here are four key factors to help you make the most of your banners.


Consumers have short attention spans.

Which is why the message on your banners needs to be concise and to the point. Anything more than a sentence is simply too long and hardly anyone would take the time to read what it says before moving on. Keep your message brief but also relevant to your business with a strong call to action.


You’ve heard it said before and it definitely applies here: Location matters.

The actual placement of your banners has a significant impact on their effectiveness. A banner in the right location can really help to attract the right kind of attention for your business. If your budget allows, you can even consider placing your banners at local venues or events for even more exposure.

  1. Variety

Consumers eventually grow tired from constantly seeing the same advertisements. Variety is key in advertising for any company as it adds novelty to the brand and more opportunities to connect to the target audience in different ways. Having a variety of banners also adds flexibility to suit your marketing needs.


For example, you can have a pull-up banner ready to go for your next trade show or a special banner displaying end of the year sales. You can even take this a step further and create different sets of advertisements so you won’t have to rely on the same banners all year round. This approach lets you be much more involved with your marketing.


  1. Design

The design of your banners is easily the most important factor.


You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your potential audience. This means that custom designs that reflect your brand are a must. All aspects from the background colours to the font style and imagery used should be carefully considered. Be sure to also have lots of blank space as too many elements on the banner can be distracting.


Keep the design concise with a clear message.


Banners can be incredibly valuable marketing tools for your business as they are both highly versatile and cost effective. The most important aspects for any banner are the message, location, and design. Be sure to employ different types for even more variety in your advertising.


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