How Letterbox Advertising Drives Sales

The digital age has changed how companies connect with their audience.

More companies are now investing heavily in digital marketing to increase brand engagement and drive sales. From social media to banner ads and pay per click advertising, there is no shortage of channels for marketers to choose from. But one traditional channel continues to prove highly effective among Australian consumers: letterbox advertising.

New data from the Australia Post demonstrates that letterbox advertising not only engages readers, but leads directly to more inquiries and sales for advertisers. This may be surprising especially as consumers shift more of their attention and spending online.

More than 2,000 Australians were surveyed on the effectiveness of letterbox advertising and its influence on their purchasing behaviour.

The survey found that over three quarters of Australians received letterbox advertising. Respondents received an average of 13 items in a week with 77 per cent of them reading all or a selection of them. This advertising material includes catalogues, flyers, samples, and coupons—all without a name or an address.

Here are additional key findings from the survey:

  • 83% brought letterbox advertising into their home
  • 60% shared advertising with another member of the household
  • 38% visited the company’s website to get more information
  • 56% went to the company’s retail store to make a purchase
  • 45% preferred to receive catalogues and flyers via mail
  • 42% made a purchase in the last 12 months after reading a catalogue

An advantage of this method of advertising is that the recipient can read the material at a time that suits them. The survey found that 63 per cent of people sorted through this form of advertising to decide what to read. Respondents were shown to be more receptive to letterbox advertising compared to other forms of advertising such as TV, radio, and outdoor adverts.

This may be because the letterbox is still relatively uncluttered when compared to how many emails are received. The survey shows that letterbox advertising continues to be an effective way of directing enquiries and sales for advertisers.

Mail from supermarkets is most likely to be read (77%) followed by advertisements from department stores (66%), hardware outlets (60%), and local restaurants (50%). The high reading rates suggest that letterbox advertising deserves more attention as a viable marketing channel and a greater proportion of advertising spending.

Case Study

The Pets Hotel offers premium short and long term pet accommodation. The company wanted to increase their customer base by targeting local pet owners. Working together with PostConnect Production, The Pets Hotel created a strategic direct mail campaign and email offer.

The results were impressive with a substantial increase in membership and continued even six months after the campaign.

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