The Importance of Business Cards

Have you ever felt embarrassed by the appearance of your business card? Perhaps you had a card that you felt was too childish, too bland, or too sales-pitchy. These cards generally won’t get you the business you were seeking.

It’s time to make a lasting impression.

Designing a business card that really fits your business isn’t easy. It requires you to step back and think about what type of presentation you want to give to your potential business partners, customers, and mentors. It also requires you to think of a way to differentiate your card from all the standard templates.

The following are tips to making your business card stand out.

Creating a Striking Design

Design matters is the first aspect that people notice. Unlike other types of marketing, business cards should always be as simple as possible. Designers often say that less is more, and business cards are no exception.

You should include only relevant details such as your contact information, company name, job position, and website. If you are in a creative field and have a portfolio, you may decide to include example art directly on your card. For example, a photographer might select one of his or her best pieces to showcase on the business card.

What Goes On the Back?

There are many different opinions about what should go on the back of your business card. Often it is a single colour and only includes your company logo.

The reason for this is that when you finish a meaningful conversation and hand your card to a person, they will want to write notes about you to remember your discussion. Leaving the back of your business card blank allows that person to follow up with you more easily. It’s a savvy business idea.

Make it Different

Another way to create an impression is by various high quality printing techniques. Business cards don’t have to be boring. You can include fun and different features such as:

  • Round corners
  • Metallic finish
  • Matt or gloss laminate
  • Embossing
  • Spot colour such as gold or silver

These will help your card to stand apart from the crowd.

Draw on Past Examples

Remember, your business card will be used to create new business opportunities and potentially new client relations. You won’t be handing them out to everyone. Rather, you should save your cards for the people who have the most potential to follow up with you.

One of the best ways to design your card is by drawing on past examples. Are there any business connections you made in the past where you were impressed at their card? If so, you can easily use it as inspiration to design your own card.

Greenlea Print

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