Marketing with Direct Mail

Advertising continues to rapidly change and evolve.

Companies can now reach their target market in ways that were never possible before thanks to advancements in technology. Search engines and social media platforms brought fundamental changes to the marketing landscape. More companies are now shifting their budgets to encompass digital marketing.

It may seem that direct mail is an outdated form of advertising but this is far from the truth.

Despite tremendous growth in digital advertising over the last decade, letterbox distribution continues to be a highly effective marketing medium. A report from Australia Post confirms the impact that such forms of advertising has on purchasing behaviour for local consumers.

The October 2014 survey examined the amount of letterbox advertising (catalogues, flyers, coupons, etc.) that participants received and read. Respondents were then asked to provide additional details on the following:

  • Whether the advertising helped them make purchases
  • How they would get information about the company
  • If they made a purchase after seeing a catalogue
  • If they used a coupon that was received in the mail

Engagement remains high but nearly half of respondents still preferred to receive catalogues, flyers, and coupons in the mail as opposed to online. Here are key results from the study:

  • 77% of people who received advertising in the mail read all or a selection of it
  • 45% of respondents immediately read the letterbox advertisements
  • 60% reported sharing advertisements with other household members
  • 56% went directly to the company’s store if they wanted to purchase while only 20% bought online
  • 75% spent up to 20 minutes a week reading unaddressed catalogues, flyers, and brochures
  • 61% used catalogues and flyer to purchase items with special offers

And here are results of advertisements read broken down by industry:

  • Supermarkets: 77%
  • Department stores: 66%
  • Hardware outlets: 60%
  • Local restaurants: 50%
  • Fashion stores: 43%
  • Service providers: 43%
  • Travel companies: 37%
  • Financial institutions: 34%
  • Charities: 23%


Letterbox advertising is a cost effective and powerful marketing channel for local businesses such as restaurants, hardware outlets, and fashion stores to target local residents. The results demonstrate that this form of marketing certainly deserves more advertising spending, especially for local businesses.


The inclusion of a coupon with your letterbox advertising is a highly effective way to drive sales to your own business. One in three Australians used a coupon from a catalogue, brochure or flyer to receive a discount on a purchase made at a store. Direct mail can generate a high ROI with advertising that is relevant to your audience.


So just how effective can direct mail be for your business?




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