Personalised Printed Notepads

Enhance Your Branding With Customised Business Stationery

No matter how much things continue to change in this digital era, notepads are still versatile and widely used in various business environments. Unlike modern technological devices, notepads are simple, handy, and convenient. You don’t need to turn on your computer or rely on battery power to make use of them.

Besides their popularity as a must-have stationery on many office desks notepads are inexpensive and easily portable. Thanks to all these qualities, notepads are also a great promotional tool for many businesses.

Notepads when featuring your business logo make a fantastic lead generator not only because they are cheap, but also because they enhance your brand image without being “in-your-face” which is the essence of a good marketing collateral. It is necessary to execute your promotion campaign subtly without being too aggressive or assertive.

Well designed stationery gifts for giving away at seminars or conferences can generate word-of-mouth among attendees. Once they become popular, everyone would also want one too. That is a success case of marketing collateral.

What are the essentials for promotional printed notepads?

There are a few things to keep in mind when you plan your notepad marketing campaign to ensure that you will make the most of your marketing budget.

  • Design: Your notepads need to represent your organisation. Create and design ones that reflect your company’s personality and the industry you are in to make them stand out.
  • Logo: This is easily the most important part on your notepads and should not be overlooked. The logo goes side by side with the design to create an appealing look.
  • Company profile: You can add some short information, case studies or even testimonials on the back of your notepads. Then you can have something to introduce your company to new potential clients at a significantly low cost.

What kind of notepads will you choose for your specific business purpose? A notepad comes in different design and shapes but you should also think about the paper quality. Different sizes and styles suit different function. If you are planning to print some notepads for a conference where people will be jotting notes, it is a good idea to get spiral notepads. Sticky notes or small notepads are great as freebies at your promotional booth.

Now you have a design and style you prefer. Do not ruin everything by printing them in low quality. Printing quality is equally important as the design. Bad printing will make them look cheap, and as a result, they will fail to attract people to grab them and bring them to use. This will waste your marketing budget and also affect your company’s image.

Do not trade quality just to save a few more dollars. Invest a little more and the quality will bring back the profits you need. Get your promotional notepads printed properly by hiring a professional printing agency and rest assured that your company’s money is well spent.

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