Poster Design Tips

Enhance Your Printed Poster Designs

Printed posters are still one of the most popular marketing tools even as some are completely obsessed with social media. It is probably a classic case that sometimes, old fashioned ways are the best in their own way.

Printed posters are a powerful marketing tool for most kinds of businesses. Placing it in a strategic location can reach a massive audience, whether a targeted audience or a new client base. It is a cost effective way of marketing, unlike pricey television adverts or radio spots, which many times, end up being just an ambient noise as people do not pay attention to the advertising break on the television or radio.

It might seem like everyone uses social media, but the truth is there are a large number of people who don’t. Pouring your entire marketing budget into social media and neglecting traditional methods might leave you with a missed opportunity.

People are attracted to bold and exciting colours, graphics, and pretty fonts. Pay enough attention to the design and place the information appropriately. Then your printed posters will perform marketing tasks for you and create incredible value for your marketing campaigns.

One of the most important elements of a successful marketing poster is the design. Here are some tips to create an attention-grabbing poster.

  • Theme and composition: Set a theme and stick to it. Keep the composition balance. Make it bold but easy to read and understand.
  • One focal point: A good printed poster needs to be able catch attention at first glance and inform all required messages within the limited space. Having too many things going on in your poster will just distract people from the main idea you want to convey.
  • Being consistent: Use the same font for headers and another font for the text body. Stick to the same design scheme, font styles, and colours for a series of posters in one project.
  • Balancing the texts and the images: Generally it is recommended that you not put too much text but instead focus on eye catching graphics. Too much text and people will just get distracted, lose interest, or miss the focal point you want to communicate.
  • Having a review with a fresh mind: Spend enough time with your design. Once you think it is done, have a break and come to look at it again with a fresh mind or get some review from your peers. Then you will be able to make sure that the design is already perfect or there is something to be fixed.


Another crucial element of great printed posters is printing quality. Make sure that all images used are high resolution. Choose the right paper that suits your design and usage whether it is indoors or outdoors, and if it is needed for a long or short period of time. Go to your trusted printing agency to make sure that all the hard work of design will not go to waste.

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