Printed First Impressions

When you’re creating strategies to help your business succeed, you may think of important steps like advertising campaigns and logos. While such things matter, something that seems comparatively small like your printed materials makes an equally significant difference. You don’t want to cut corners on your printing.

Choosing well-printed materials makes an excellent first impression on your potential customers and clients. As the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. In today’s competitive business climate, making a great first impression is a detail that can make or break your business.

Select the best printing Perth has to offer to help your business stand apart from the rest.

Business Cards: Your First Impression

Don’t let anyone convince you that business cards are obsolete. Sure, there are online profiles that can showcase what you have to offer; however, traditional business cards are still an excellent way to make that first introduction.

Your business card needs to have a stylish design and clear, readable fonts. You may need to hire a graphic designer to create the right look. Make sure that your business card includes all your contact information, including not only your phone number and email address, but also links to any of your social media profiles.

If you’ve been in a diner or restaurant recently, chances are you’ve noticed either a bulletin board or a raffle that asks you to include your business card. You’ll also see that nobody in these environments is asking for your digital profiles. Having a traditional business card is a marketing tool you can’t afford to be without.

Consider some important design principles for your printed business cards. Some tips include the following:

• Make sure your name or logo is the largest and most eye-catching part of the design
• Consider using non-traditional materials, such as wood or metal, as an alternative to the usual cardstock
• Utilise blank space around the edge of your cards to make your key information more accessible
• Add unique finishes such as Scodix or UV coating

Beyond having a clean design and the relevant information, the printing is an often overlooked yet essential factor in your business cards. Choose a high-quality printing service like Greenlea Print to make sure your business cards speak well of you. Well-printed business cards make the excellent first impression that you need to represent you.

Business Flyers: Your Business’ First Impression

Business flyers are a great way to introduce your business to the buying public. People want to know what your company has to offer them, and you need to present this information attractively and concisely.

You may want to work with a graphic designer and a copywriter to help you create the most professional looking and well-written representation of your business. Business flyers are like an expanded version of a business card, only representing your business instead of you as an individual. You have more room to say more about your business, so choose your words and images carefully.

When you finish the design and layout of your printed flyer, it’s important to make sure to choose an excellent printing service. Nothing makes a business look more unprofessional than amateur printing. Simple photocopied flyers look extremely inexperienced, especially if they are printed from personal computers, and are unlikely to drive more customers to your business.

Even though digital marketing has now taken priority in a global economy, traditional marketing methods such as business flyers and brochures are still useful. These types of conventional methods still work best in local markets, where customers and clients want a more personal connection with the people and businesses they hire.

When you choose Greenlea Print, you’re getting the best printing service in Perth. Professionally printed business flyers will help you make the best impression of your business. Moreover, when you make a good impression, customers are more likely to give you their business—it’s a win-win situation.

Business Brochures: Your Service’s First Impression

Business brochures are the best way to explain the services that you have to offer. Whether you’re operating a spa or a moving company, you’ll need handouts to show potential clients what your business does. You can choose to put prices on the brochure if you wish, or you can invite them to contact you for more information.

Much like with business flyers, the quality of your business brochures makes a big difference in how well it will work as a marketing tool. Photocopied or poor-quality printing can make a worse impression than if you didn’t have brochures at all. Invest in professionals to help you with the design, layout and content of your service’s leaflets.

Make sure you choose images and text for your service’s brochure with great care. You want to make sure that the information is a summary, rather than an incredibly detailed explanation. Give just enough information that potential customers know what you’re about but need to call to ask for more details.

Avoid the common trap of putting too much in your brochures. Poorly chosen pictures or too many text colours can make your brochures look unprofessional and off-putting. The adage to keep it simple applies here as much as anywhere else.

Printed brochures are still an excellent marketing tool, especially in local communities. You can send your brochures by direct mail to targeted customers, put them on display in related businesses, or use them to showcase your most popular products or services.

A misconception about brochures is that they must be only two or three pages at most. If you have several products or services that you want to showcase, you can have a longer brochure. The key is to make sure that all included information is helpful and relevant.

Choose the best printing solutions in Perth, Greenlea Print. They’ll make sure that your printed brochures make the best first impression possible. Soon, you’ll have customers lining up to take advantage of all the services have to offer.