Start-Up Printing: What You Need For Your Young Business

Affordable Printing Services For Your New Business

When you’re just getting a new business off the ground, one of the first things you need to take into account is finding affordable start-up printing.

Today, we’ll walk you through all your small business printing needs. From start-up business cards and brochures for that all-important first wave marketing through to letterheads, envelopes and the full suite of print marketing materials you’re likely to need, we’ve got you covered here at Greenlea.

We’ve been in the game for 30 years now, and we’ve developed a name as the go-to provider for Western Australian businesses looking for that personal touch backed up with professional service.

Marketing is vital for any business, and even more so when you’re just getting off the ground. After all, unless you put your message out there, nobody will know how you can solve their problems. You can’t afford to leave it to chance.

We’re aware that printing for start-ups needs to come in at a competitive price-point, and we’re happy to provide that without compromising quality. Let’s face it; there’s no sense getting a cheap deal if the results are shoddy and end up giving a poor impression of your company before it’s even gained any traction.

So first things first, you should consider both business cards and brochures, but why are these even relevant in the digital age? We’ll look at that right now.

Business Cards and Brochures – First Wave Marketing

Just because you’re marketing with a full digital mix, that doesn’t mean you can afford to neglect more traditional offline methods.

Networking in person is one of the most effective methods of launching any new business. At formal events, handing out business cards is much more personal than swapping contact details electronically. When you shake someone’s hand then pass across a slick and neatly designed card, you’re making a much more personal connection than emailing them an attachment. It’s always great for potential new customers to put a name to a face, but it’s also essential for them to have that all-important phone number, URL, and email address.

It’s not enough to have a business card, though. You want to make that first impression count. Here at Greenlea, we’ll make sure your start-up business cards leave a striking mark on all potential customers. We offer two-sided, full-colour printing. We know getting things right doesn’t always happen the first time when you’re creating the identity of a young business. Whether you want a matt or gloss finish, we’ve got you covered. If you happen to need help with a logo or ongoing artwork support, we’ll help you every step of the way.

Not only are business cards one of the most effective direct marketing tools available, but they’re also often shared much like valuable online content. If you make the effort to get some commanding and creative business cards rather than treating them as an afterthought, it’s far more likely that they’ll be passed from person to person, further extending the reach of your fledgling brand at no extra cost. First-rate business cards are like the gift that keeps on giving.

The final definite advantage of having a few business cards in your wallet at all times is the way it shows you’re always prepared. Meet a potential prospect in an airport lounge? Whip out a business card rather than clumsily fumbling for a pen and paper or trying to swap details between cell phones.

Brochures are another extremely potent form of first wave marketing. Since they can also be used online in PDF format, they’re a great way to mix up traditional print advertising with an inbuilt online element when required.

Just like with business cards, your brochures are often the first point of contact a prospective customer has with your new business. Finding the right start-up printing company is often tougher than creating the artwork and layout, so why not do yourself a favour and get in touch with us here at Greenlea? If you’ve got everything already in place and just need printing services in a range of styles and sizes, our prices are remarkably competitive. If you need a little extra help, you can count on us there, too.

The basics of effective brochures are pretty simple to get right:

  • Strong, clear messaging
  • Neat design with crisp, clear text
  • Short, punchy paragraphs
  • High-quality paper
  • Appropriate sizing

In many ways, you can use the same best practices you might employ for compelling web content when designing your brochures. You want to draw new customers in and sell them on your business without overwhelming them. Keep the cover simple with just enough information to pique someone’s interest and encourage them to keep reading. Save the meat for the main content.

When you’re trying to build a brand, taking charge of your messaging and making sure you put a positive spin on your new company can be the difference between stunning success and abject failure. Social media advertising is great, but negative comments you have no control over and a platform you don’t control either are both obvious weaknesses.

Throwing some physical brochures into your marketing mix allows you to put out your messaging without any comeback, to back up your claims with credentials, to demonstrate to potential customers precisely the problem your new business will solve.


Effective printing for start-ups should cover the twin bases of business cards and brochures, but what about other basic printing materials? We’ll glance now at different types of in-house printing we can take care of for you at Greenlea.

In-House Printing – Letterheads, Envelopes, Print Marketing Materials

Whether you’re sending out physical letters or emailing them, there’s nothing to rival a strong identity on your letterhead for grabbing someone’s attention before they even read a word. Again, if you’re struggling to come up with a logo, our robust and talented design department can extend as much help as you need or simply roll out what you already have in place.

Personalised envelopes also help your young business stand out in a crowded direct mail marketplace. With the amount of unsolicited mail we get these days, it’s not uncommon for people to open their mail directly over the trashcan with the vast bulk ending up straight in with the rubbish. Don’t allow your valuable communication to end up that way. With minimum effort and a modest investment, you can carry your messaging onto the outside of your communications.

Print marketing can take on many forms, so whether you want posters, flyers, stickers, or labels, get in touch, and we can guide you every step of the way. If what you want is start-up business cards, we won’t try to upsell you on items you don’t need. If, however, you require a more comprehensive print marketing solution, there’s very little we can’t help you with. And it’s this flexible approach that can help you as your start-up gets traction and becomes a fully-formed and successful company.

Grow With Greenlea – As Your Business Grows, We Can Offer More Services

Think about it; if you pop into a clothes shop and all you want is a tie, do you want the salesman to try to convince you a suit and shirt would be wonderful extras? Or do you just want the tie you asked for?

Well, if you want start-up business cards and nothing else, we won’t try to persuade you to avail yourself of the broad spread of print services we offer.

While start-up business cards are an excellent way to make that first impression, when you want a wider variety of printing, we hope the relationship you establish with us here at Greenlea will be much like the one you want with your customers: ongoing and mutually beneficial. The word “value” is bandied about too much these days, but we do offer you fantastic value regarding pricing and the finished product.

If your design needs outstrip the expertise of your personnel, you can take full advantage of our in-house team to collaborate and get precisely what you want at a very reasonable cost.

When you want printing in higher volume, we won’t let you down.

If you fancy branching out into more comprehensive print materials like booklets, display banners, or even stubby holders, we get as involved and creative as you want to deliver the best possible marketing message for your start-up.

Greenlea Print Is Your Start-Up Printing Destination

With over 30 years of in-depth experience helping young and established businesses alike, Greenlea Print should be your start-up printing destination of choice. From start-up business cards to pretty much anything else you can imagine, it’s not just printed materials we offer but free and ongoing artwork support.

We’re the complete package, and we can help take your start-up from humble beginnings to a stable and lucrative business.