Stickers and Your Visibility


With modern technology pervading into the business landscape, it’s often easy to forget about the basics. If you’re looking to improve your customer interaction in a creative and fun way, using custom stickers is still a popular option. At Greenlea Print, we work with hundreds of clients to provide high-end, custom stickers for a wide variety of niches.

Stickers are Fun and Useful

Modern consumers are sick of traditional digital and print advertisements. Using printed stickers is an enjoyable way to reconnect with prospective customers. Let’s explore all the ways creating custom sticker can improve your current business operations.

Business: Stickers Are Useful in All Lines of Business

Regardless of the type of business you operate, stickers can help improve your customer engagement. We work with clients across various industries to ensure their stickers provide value to customer interactions. What industries can benefit from custom-printed stickers?

Auto Industry

If you work in the auto industry, using stickers to promote vehicles and other for sale items is vital if you want to attract the attention of prospective customers. If you’ve ever been to an auto yard before, you’ve probably noticed many auto dealers use large stickers to promote prices and financing deals.

Customising your promotional stickers can make your auto deals even more enticing. The auto industry can benefit massively from the use of custom stickers.

Hospitality Industry

If you’re looking to promote deals, promotions, or discounts in the hospitality industry, using stickers can draw significant attention. If you run a restaurant or a bar, there’s a high chance you have seasonal deals or menu options that could use more promotion. Stickers can create a quick and effective way to place custom branding and advertisements in a variety of different circumstances.

Promotions Industry

If you’re promoting concerts, nightclubs, or any other type of event, it’s essential to use custom stickers that bring attention to what you’re promoting. The promotions industry can benefit largely from custom graphics. Putting these graphics onto custom stickers can help bring your current designs to the next level.

In the Workplace

If you want to label or mark certain items in your workplace, using bold stickers is an excellent way to increase visibility. If you have vital components or supplies that need to be labelled in your office or employee spaces, using noticeable and vibrant stickers can improve clarity and efficiency. Whether you’re marking machine parts or office supplies, stickers are a creative solution.

Sales: Easily Mark Down Products, Create Your Own Sales Hype

If you run a storefront or retail outlet, promotions and sales are one of the best ways to bring in customers. Whether you’re trying to get rid of excess products or draw in new customers, using stickers can quickly bring attention to your products. As you probably already know, plenty of retailers use stickers to markdown products and promotional discounts.

Sale stickers are a cheap, effective, and easy way to reduce the cost of current products. Instead of printing new labels or pricing guides, you can use branded stickers to place percentage discounts or new prices over old labels. Using branding will help ensure no one games the system — you don’t want customers bringing in their own stickers to trick your staff!

If you’re having a storewide sale, using large promotional stickers is a great way to entice customers into certain sections of your store. Consumers want to feel like they’re getting a great deal; promoting special offers with stickers will help you ensure your latest promotions are noticed!

Branding: Fun, Hip, Easy, Awareness

If you’re looking to rebrand your business, using stickers is a useful tool. Whether you’re planning on handing your stickers out at a tradeshow or in your storefront, it’s an excellent way to help introduce your brand. In fact, many of the largest brands in the world sell stickers with their logos for a profit.

While you may be yet to reach this status, it’s a good idea to get your name out in as many creative ways as possible. As the world of global marketing intensifies, approaching a range of different advertising avenues is the best way to ensure that you’re able to stand out from the crowd.

Bringing awareness to your brand is the best way to establish authority in your niche, and recognition goes a long way when you’re trying to convert consumers into customers. Many businesses opt to hand out stickers for free to increase their current brand awareness.

Contact your design team to come up with attractive, aesthetic graphics that can draw attention to your brand. Once you have your ideas in place, we can do the printing for you. We’re able to take on branded stickers of any size or shape. We don’t restrict you to certain pre-set frameworks or moulds — we provide custom branding stickers that fit your needs.

Our team is always on hand to discuss different ways stickers can help improve your current branding. Whether you’re sticking with your existing graphics or rebranding your business from the ground up, stickers are a simple, hip way to put your business on the map.

Use a Cost-Effective Australian Sticker Supplier

At the end of the day, printed stickers are an easy and creative way to reconnect with customers and promote your products or events. If you want quick, professional sticker printing that doesn’t cost a fortune, get in touch with Greenlea Print today. We’re invested in the success of our local clients.

We have years of experience helping customers throughout Australia find the branded stickers they need to take their businesses to the next level. Not only do we create high-end custom stickers, but we can also help with a range of other printing needs. We’re a one-stop-shop for any business-related printing job.

Our team can handle sticker jobs of any size. Whether you need 100 stickers or 10,000, we can work with you to obtain the order size you need. With excellent price points and fast shipping, look no further than Greenlea Print.