What is Scodix?

Every business needs customers to remain profitable.

But without marketing, no one will know your business even exists. Effectively getting the word out about your business can ultimately mean the difference between success or failure. It’s the reason why startups and even some of the top brands in the world invest heavily in their marketing.

As more consumers shift more of their spending online, traditional channels continue to be highly effective.

A survey from the Australia Post found that 77% of people who received letterbox advertising engaged with all or a portion of it. This channel was also effective at influencing purchasing behaviour. People who wanted more information were more likely to visit the company’s website (38%) and those who wanted to make a purchase (56%) headed to the company’s retail store.

The high engagement rate indicates that letterbox advertising drives more enquiries and sales. It represents an opportunity for companies of all sizes to connect and engage with their audience.

But how do you make your marketing materials stand out?

After all, Australians receive an average of 13 items in the mail per week from advertisers. Without an engaging design you risk your adverts not being noticed or even being tossed out. Which is why any printed materials must be of exceptional quality to do well.

This is where Scodix comes in.

Scodix is a print finish that adds a luxury look and feel to ordinary print runs by producing a raised ink experience. It is a digital enhancement printed on top of an image after the printing and laminating process. This enables designers and brand owners to demand the highest quality and produce the most eye-catching designs imaginable.

The applications are practically endless, enabling you to create unique prints that stand out.

Scodix can be added to one or two sides of any printed material and is specially suited to business cards, presentation folders, and posters. This digital application provides a much faster turn around over standard SPOT UV applications. Scodix delivers a beautiful finish and can create any texture.

Applying Scodix to printed materials is quick and easy. All we need is another layer to your artwork which acts as a mask to the areas you want enhanced. For this reason it needs to be completely identical to the original.

Greenlea Print offers a full range custom designed and printed products to give your business a professional image. Contact us today for more information about Scodix or to request a free quote.