Why Print Catalogues Should Be Part of Your Marketing

What comes to mind when you think about marketing?

You may have thought about social media networks such as Facebook. Or pay per click advertising in the search engines. Or even sending out newsletters as part of a direct mail campaign.

But one medium that continues to influence consumer behaviour is print catalogues.

This may sound surprising especially as consumers shift more of their spending online. According to the latest Online Retail Sales Index, Australians spent a record $16.6 billion online. This figure is only expected to continue in an upwards trend.

There is no doubt that online marketing is absolutely crucial to capture more conversions. But leveraging additional channels can prove to be highly profitable. Because increased brand exposure lends itself to consumer engagement.

Increase Brand Exposure With Print Catalogues

Catalogues continue to be a major advertising medium.

The latest data from Roy Morgan reveals that over 10 million Australians read one or more retail catalogues a week. Perhaps most surprising is that 5.8 million of those readers went on to purchase a product seen in a catalogue. Why do catalogues have such a high level of engagement?

Here is what Tim Martin from Roy Morgan Research says:

“Catalogues delivered to Australians’ homes are enabling advertisers to reach consumers who are in buying mode, on the look-out for new products or in the market for good deals. Catalogues are information rich, they inform and really do enable those shoppers who are ready to buy in store, via the phone, or online. The impact of catalogue readership is immediate, with increased sales activity (in store, phone and online) being the key measure of the advertiser’s return on investment.”

This medium continues to rank as one of the most effective advertising channels.

Catalogues are effective in driving purchases because they form an emotional connection between the reader and the brand. Catalogues are easily accessible as they go directly into the consumer’s letterbox. But it’s not just promotions and specials that are being included.

Retailers are using this physical channel to add more detailed lifestyle content. Editorial content such as how-to instructions and interactive product guides are being added thus increasing page numbers. This higher quality content is being used to cleverly lift the retailer’s’ branding.

For example, a hardware store may explain how to use a product or a furniture store may include a feature on how to decorate a room. These efforts are focused on delivering even more value to the target market. Which is paying off for many companies that use catalogues as a marketing tool.

Get Started With Print Catalogues

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