Why Traditional Marketing is Still Important

Although digital marketing is still on the rise, local Perth businesses especially may still benefit greatly from the use of traditional marketing within their strategic marketing plan. Learn why traditional marketing isn’t dead and how it can still be effective for businesses.

 Despite the rise of digital marketing used by businesses over the last few decades,experts worldwide are nonetheless reminding us that traditional print marketing is not dead. Even in what some refer to as the ‘digital age’, print marketing can still play an important role in a business’s marketing strategy for a number of reasons.

At Greenlea Print, we offer numerous print material services that are able to aid businesses in Perth that are aiming to expand or strengthen their brand, particularly in the local area. As online platforms grow, the debate continues among marketing experts whether or not traditional marketing materials can still have an impact in how a business is received and how it may grow.

However, local Perth businesses that are questioning the continued utilisation of traditional marketing strategies – such as the distribution of brochures, flyers, business cards, and more – may be surprised to learn how effective these materials can still be.

Below are just a few of the top reasons that traditional print marketing is still important for businesses.


Print Materials Work Great for Local Exposure

The digital world is vast, and while you may be able to get your targeted customers to stumble on some arm of your online presence through a Google search, traditional marketing materials can be a much more personable way to get your foot in the door. For local business owners especially, handing out a brochure or posting flyers around your area has just as much a chance of gaining the attention of prospective customers as an ad on social media.


Traditional Marketing is Familiar

Far from entirely obsolete, traditional marketing materials have become familiar within society. Many individuals find it comfortable to face means of advertising that are familiar to them rather than those that may pop up onto whatever webpage they are browsing online. Ads on Facebook and other social media outlets have become enormously easy to scroll as per usual behaviour, but a promotional flyer can serve as a physical reminder of your business’s existence that someone can easily end up walking past several times a day.


It’s Easy to Understand

 One of the greatest benefits traditional marketing possesses over digital is that it is often easy to understand. Returning back to the point of its familiarity, going digital with your marketing can add a lot more complexity into the matter or easily become part of background noise as just another business advertising online. The familiarity and straightforwardness of traditional materials can make it more accessible to more people.


You Can’t Underestimate Physical Touch

 There are a couple of ways that distributing or posting tangible, print marketing materials can benefit your business:

  • Traditional print materials can be kept after distribution. Whether you are passing out a business card, a magnet, or mailing out flyers, these marketing materials will be able to keep a hard copy – or reminder – of your business for future reference.
  • Print materials may be able to offer a sense of credibility that digital ads can’t. Many individuals are distrustful of the internet, and creating print materials to share the mission or services of your brand shows that you have gone the extra mile to get your business out there and noticed.

 Are you ready to watch your business grow? Engage your current and future customers today with professional, high-quality print materials through Greenlea Print. We look forward to helping you expand the reach of your business.