You Can Label Anything and We Can Help

Whether they’re being printed one by one or you’re getting them by the case, eye-catching labels are informative and professional in small or large quantities. They give you the chance to tell customers all about you and your company, and they can make you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Whether the impression left is good or bad depends greatly on the design of the label as well as its quality, so that’s why you need the services of a company with experience producing the right labels for the job. When you design and print a label, you want it to leave a lasting impression on the person who sees it. Labels can work as a subtle marketing vehicle, as long as they’re done the right way.

No one really expects a label to grab them and entice them to use a service or purchase a product, but an effective label can do just that as long as it leaves a good impression. Labels and stickers are a fantastic method to use when you are trying to establish a connection with the people you are trying to reach.

Quality labels give you the opportunity to add character to your business or products, stamping your brand all over items that potential customers use every day. Labels can stick to just about any surface. They can be plastered on glass wine bottles or glass jars, they work well on plastic bottles, and they can adhere to cans or boxes. They can stick on clothing, bags, laptops and much more.

Labels are a highly convenient way to get a quick and specific message out, or they can simply provide a return address so your customers know exactly how to contact you. Whatever your reason for using labels, it’s imperative that you put quality at the head of the list.

DIY vs Professional Labels

You might be tempted to design, create, and print your own labels for your business or your products. However, homemade labels generally look like they’ve been created by someone who doesn’t really know what they’re doing. Unfortunately, this goes against the professional look every self-respecting company needs in today’s cut-throat economic climate.

One benefit to printing your labels in-house is that you can print them on an as-needed basis. Instead of dealing with cases of stickers waiting to be used, you can just print and stick whenever a label is required.  Hopefully, you realize that this is beyond the scope of a regular color printer and a sheet of labels from the office supply store.

If you wanted to do it right, you would need to go out and purchase all of the professional equipment including programs, printers, hardware, and supplies. You could perhaps even hire a designer to work on the appearance of your labels. Unfortunately, this is too expensive a proposition for many small business owners, and it would represent a poor return on investment.

Instead of having to worry about the overhead costs of printing labels in-house, you should consider using the services of a professional printer like Greenlea Print. Not only will you avoid having to shell out a bunch of cash up front for new equipment and supplies to print in-house, you also avoid the need to hire extra personnel to handle the task.

Beyond this, you can use the design services provided by most printing companies to be sure your labels are easy on the eye and convey the professional image you need. When you outsource your sticker and label needs to a professional printer, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get a top-tier product you can be proud to send out into the world.

The experts can also help you determine what kind of labels you need. Product labels differ wildly from address and invitation labels to price labels. As such, they need to be processed accordingly. The printing company can also help you determine what finish would look best on your product or mailers, as well as whether you should opt for black and white labels or coloured labels.  

Address Labels

When a customer receives a mailer from you, whether it’s a newsletter, a brochure, or a large package, one of the first things they will notice are the address labels. Since this will catch the customer’s eye, it’s essential to make sure the label is appealing, professional, and easy on the eye. Think of it as a business card: you want it to feel like it is more than a simple sticker.

You can evoke this feeling of something extra through the material of the label itself, the ink colour, or the font. You can also make clever use of spacing, images, or logos included on the label. If your business or organization does a lot of work through the mail, it’s doubly important your mailing labels stand out from everything else in the pile of mail people receive every day.

Price Labels

As a business, you need to price up your services alongside any physical products you’ll be selling. There is not really a way to stick a price label on a service, but you should always properly label your merchandise with prices. No one likes to hunt down an employee just to find the price on a single item.

Your price labels can perform a similar function to your mailing labels, as well. Not only do they serve a purpose in telling your customer the price, but they can also give a bit more information about that product or about your company in general. Price labels can be effective both in small operations like farmer’s markets and in large distribution settings. No matter the size and scope of the operation, price labelling is a must.

For a small-scale business, like a single farmer selling containers of homegrown foods at a farmer’s market, setting yourself apart from all the other small farmers is important. Instead of having handwritten signs with prices, you could have professionally printed labels that tell not only the price but also more specific information about the item.

Tell your customer not only that they are looking at a tomato selling for two dollars, but also that the tomato is an heirloom, that it was grown in organic soil and vine-ripened. Be creative and think what the customer might want to know. Perhaps let them know the jam in their hand was made from berries cured in the sun and that it’s sweetened with only pure sugar, rather than simply stating its cost.

This can set you far apart from the other farmers at the market. It will be something people remember about you long after they’ve left your booth, and it will be a reason they come back to you. Don’t be scared of creating a unique selling proposition for yourself.

On a larger scale, price labels are remarkably effective in grocery stores, retail stores, and restaurants, among other places. These stores have prices that change constantly, and they need a way to quickly update these numbers. Price labels and stickers are a great option because you can simply stick them on right over the previous one and move on with the minimum of time wasted.


There are so many different ways to use labels and so many options for marketing your business. Whether you want to print a bunch of labels for everyday envelopes and packages or you just want to give your small business a boost with informative price labels, Greenlea Printing has you covered. Whatever you are doing in your business, you can label it!